Claire is a photographer, fine artist & creative director from Los Angeles.

claire oring

    Hello! I’m Claire, a Los Angeles native with a passion for storytelling. I’ve been an artist my entire life, first discovering my love of photography at 13 when I was given a 35mm film camera. Since then I’ve been refining my skills through formal education, personal practice and professional experience.  

 I strive to create images that are an extension of the viewer’s imagination. My work is often informed by art history, folklore, literature, and legend. Each image is intended to be haunting yet familiar. My series are often mysterious and emblematic so that viewers fill the gaps in each story with their own projections. Thematically I’m drawn to ritualistic behavior, the occult, the supernatural, mythology, and the female gaze. I’m also drawn to framing nature in a romantic context to show the simultaneous beauty and destructive power of its elements. I seek out and travel to sites that are outside my viewer’s normal experience. Whether it’s sand dunes in Death Valley or a druid temple in England’s countryside, I attempt to yank my viewer out of their every day reality and into a world of wonder and discomfort. The process of bringing an idea into the physical world makes me tick. I want to push the boundaries of photography as a storytelling medium.

      When I'm not creating you'll likely find me swing dancing, day dreaming, at a themed party, or falling in love with a fictional character. If you’d like to collaborate, commission work or have a heart to heart, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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